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PastedGraphic_small2Founded by our experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Joseph Willardsen, the Esthetic Alliance Dental Lab is a comprehensive dental lab for all cosmetic and reconstructive treatments. It is located within the Las Vegas True Dentistry office and performs lab work for doctors nationwide. The lab increases efficiency and accuracy in your treatments and allows Dr. Willardsen to provide better overall patient care.

Benefits of Our In-House Dental Lab

Having a dental lab in our own office provides an array of benefits. For one, it speeds up the treatment process. Our E4D technology allows Dr. Willardsen to prep teeth and create same-day porcelain veneers and crowns for many of our patients, eliminating the need for temporary restorations. Another advantage to our in-house lab is the collaboration between doctor and lab technician. Since both are actively involved in the creation process, restorations are more accurate. Overall, our Esthetic Alliance Dental Lab can offer cosmetic dentistry patients better results in less time.

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