Dr. Julie’s Strengths & Patient Care Philosophy

I love to attend continuing education courses that advance my knowledge in the field and allow me to take advantage of new dental technology. Cosmetic dentistry is my favorite area of general dentistry because giving someone a beautiful, functional smile can be an important part of helping them succeed in life. There is nothing better than showing a patient their brand new smile!

My patient care philosophy is basically the “Golden Rule.” I do my best to educate and care for my patients. I have very high ethical standards and want to earn the trust of my patients. I recommend treatment to patients based on my 20 years of experience in patient care and from being a patient myself. I try to relay information about dental problems and solutions in a way that is easy to understand. I go the extra mile to make sure patients know why a certain treatment may be recommended. Not everything in dentistry is about cosmetics—I try to have a warm smile and a big open heart for all my patients. I have a desire to learn about my patients and their families, and I love hearing about the fascinating careers and interests of the patients I’ve met here in Las Vegas. It’s such an exciting area with so many different jobs, industries, and recreational opportunities.

I look forward to exploring this part of the country and sharing it all with my family!

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