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Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

There are few cosmetic concerns that upset our patients at True Dentistry more than a missing tooth. In the past, patients with missing teeth had to resort to dentures or bridges to provide a replacement. Unfortunately, these solutions can sometimes be uncomfortable, involve messy adhesives, or create an “artificial” look. With dental implants, you can replace a missing tooth – or a row of missing teeth – and achieve results that both look and function just like your natural teeth. Ideal candidates for dental implants include patients who:

  • Seek to replace a missing tooth or teeth with a permanent restoration
  • Seek to replace a denture or bridge with a comfortable, natural looking alternative
  • Have adequate bone density in the jaw to receive the implant
  • Individuals who are not currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment
  • Individuals who do not currently suffer from certain diseases or health conditions which may prevent proper healing after oral surgery

For patients who lack sufficient jawbone density, an additional bone grafting procedure may be performed before dental implant surgery.

As a specially trained cosmetic dentist, I am always searching for new technology and techniques to provide my patients with the most vibrant, youthful smile possible. While procedures such as teeth whitening or porcelain veneers can help renew a person’s smile, only a dental implant can replace a missing tooth without the extra maintenance required by other forms of tooth replacement. During the consultation process, an oral examination as well as a conversation about your individual cosmetic goals can help you reach an educated decision about which form of tooth replacement can best meet your unique needs.

Dr. Joseph Willardsen

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