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Dr. Willardsen Discusses Injections for Bruxism on The Doctors

Hope or hype: Can injections help cure bruxism? In a recent episode of the popular daytime talk show The Doctors, our cosmetic dentist Dr. Joseph Willardsen reveals there is hope in this claim.

When a person routinely grinds their teeth, facial muscles are often sore, and their teeth gradually wear down, requiring expensive treatments in the future to correct. While mouthguards can help protect the teeth, a lot of people don’t consistently wear them, which can be frustrating for both the patient and dentist. As an alternative to often uncomfortable mouthguards, Dr. Willardsen explains the potential of injections for eliminating tooth grinding.

By administering injections into the areas affected by bruxism, the muscles relax and don’t clench as hard. Over time, the muscle will even shrink to a degree, providing long-term relief. Dr. Willardsen has many patients who have gone through this treatment and recommends it to anyone who applies to the following:

    Gets headaches from grinding their teeth Experiences neck pain Notices wear on their teeth Doesn’t wear their nightguard

As the injections wear off, he says that they will need to look at deeper reasons why the patient may be grinding their teeth – whether it’s stress, tooth misalignment, or another reason.

If you suffer from frequent tooth grinding and seek effective treatment for the aftereffects, please contact True Dentistry to schedule your appointment with Dr. Willardsen.