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What Are the Consequences of Tooth Loss?

Suffering the loss of one or multiple teeth can be a shocking experience, especially if it means adjusting the way you have to speak, chew, or even the way you smile. Even more upsetting can be the various short-term and long-term consequences of tooth loss if the condition goes untreated. Although there are a few common reasons why some individuals do not seek treatment for their missing teeth – such as being unaware of potential health risks, fear/anxiety about going to the dentist, not sure if they can afford treatment, or other factors – there are many more reasons why a person with missing teeth should prioritize these repairs. Generally, the longer one goes without replacing missing teeth, the greater chance they may have for developing one or more of the following conditions: 

  • Loss of jawbone volume and density
  • Surrounding teeth shifting to try to fill the open gum space
  • Increased risk of gingivitis and severe gum disease
  • Changes in facial shape
  • Bite misalignment and chewing issues

Fortunately, our Las Vegas dentists offer numerous treatments that can help patients restore missing teeth in both effective and convenient ways. Many of the advanced restorative dentistry options at True Dentistry can ultimately create results that look, act, and feel like natural teeth.

Dental Implants

Providing supreme stability, dental implants are an extremely durable and natural-looking option for tooth replacement. Titanium posts are surgically placed onto an individual’s healthy jawbone to mimic the root of a tooth and completed with a custom-made restoration, such as a porcelain crown, to restore form, function, and aesthetics. 

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a non-surgical solution that utilizes one or more artificial teeth to replace the missing teeth. The artificial teeth are reinforced by porcelain crowns on each side, ultimately providing an enhanced support structure that can securely “bridge” the gap. Fixed dental bridges are often reliable solutions for patients who may not have sufficient jawbone density to support dental implants but still prefer to have a non-removable tooth replacement option. 

All-On-4® Anchored Dentures

All-On-4® implant anchored dentures can be ideal for individuals who are missing full arches of upper and/or lower teeth. This option is designed to embed four titanium dental implants into an individual’s healthy jawbone to attach a custom full-arch denture. All-On-4® can virtually eliminate many of the common problems associated with traditional dentures. With this treatment, the custom denture can remain securely along the gumline without the need for denture adhesives to prevent slipping, and the denture prosthesis can often be cleaned utilizing regular brushing and flossing routines. 

Interested in learning more about tooth restoration with dental implants, bridges, or anchored dentures? Contact us to schedule a visit at True Dentistry with one of our highly skilled, caring dentists for an exam and consultation to discuss your unique needs. Our advanced dental technology and convenient payment/financing options make it easier than ever for many patients to achieve a beautiful smile and improved oral health.