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What Are Laser Decontamination & Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR)?

Our experienced dentists and dental hygienists at True Dentistry are always looking for ways to effectively control harmful bacteria in the mouth that can cause tissue inflammation, infection, and other serious oral health complications. Healthy gums are foundational for a healthy smile, which is why we offer the full spectrum of periodontal care options to both prevent and treat gingivitis and periodontitis. Advancements in dental laser technology have created new options for controlling bacteria using non-invasive light energy. These techniques utilize diode lasers to eliminate bacteria and other pathogens for the improvement of periodontal health. This treatment is referred to as laser decontamination and/or laser bacterial reduction (LBR) and it is typically a quick and painless process that requires no anesthetic injections or special home care.

During laser bacterial reduction (LBR) the diode laser fiber shines like a flashlight along the gumline, targeting and eliminating both bacterial and viral pathogens without harming healthy gum tissue or causing discomfort. This disinfection process is designed to reduce gingival inflammation (redness, swelling, and bleeding) as well as treat infection so that the gums can heal and continue to provide vital support and protection to the teeth. As an added benefit, the laser energy also stimulates the regeneration of gingival tissue to repair any damage caused by infection and to enhance healing.

The introduction of LBR as a preventive and therapeutic treatment option with regenerative benefits allows our dentists and dental hygienists to provide the highest level of periodontal management. LBR enables us to keep the gums healthy and help prevent patients from experiencing the acute destructive phases of gum disease, which include tooth loss and other serious health concerns. Untreated gum disease can eventually require aggressive surgical intervention (which can cause tooth root sensitivity and smile disfigurement) and may affect one’s overall health. At True Dentistry we take periodontal management seriously and our use of the latest laser technology helps us deliver outstanding care that preserves our patients’ smiles and enhances quality of life.

Are you concerned about the health of your gums? Contact True Dentistry and schedule an appointment with our experienced dentists to discuss effective laser treatments that can restore a healthy gumline.