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Does Getting a Crown Hurt?

Porcelain crowns can serve as an excellent method for correcting cosmetic tooth imperfections or fortifying badly damaged or decayed teeth. With all of the advancements in dental technology and techniques over the past decades, the dental crown procedure can be more efficient and comfortable than ever before. At True Dentistry, Dr. Joseph Willardsen prioritizes the health, safety, and comfort of his patients, and the dental crown procedure is no exception.

Dental crowns are protective tooth-shaped ceramic covers that completely surround and conceal each affected tooth. Before the procedure begins, the soft tissue is numbed with a topical anesthetic and then a local anesthetic is administered to maximize patient comfort. For those who have moderate or severe anxiety about going to the dentist, sedation dentistry techniques can be used in conjunction with local anesthetics to induce an extremely calm, relaxed, pain-free state. After the tooth is prepared to receive the crown, our E4D CAD/CAM restoration technology allows Dr. Willardsen to design, fabricate, and place the crown within the span of one office visit. Most patients report that they experience little if any discomfort throughout the porcelain crown procedure.

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