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Dr. Joseph Willardsen’s Smile Makeover Patient Featured in Aesthetic Dentistry

The Spring 2016 issue of Aesthetic Dentistry contains two articles featuring one of Dr. Joseph Willardsen’s smile makeover patients from The Doctors in 2015. The cover story, A Modern-Day Princess, and the in-depth feature, Made for TV: A Recovering Bulimic Gets a New Smile, both center around the dramatic smile transformation of True Dentistry patient Samantha Diane. A professional model and recovering bulimic, Ms. Diane shared her life challenges and dental struggles with True Dentistry in hopes of being selected for a complimentary smile makeover. Years of exposure to harsh stomach acid, sugary foods, and drug use had ravaged her smile, leaving her without a front tooth and severely damaged remaining teeth. It was clear she was in desperate need of help.

Samantha’s compelling story captured Dr. Willardsen’s attention and he selected her as his smile makeover case study for an appearance on The Doctors. In the span of the episode, viewers were able to follow Samantha through every phase of her inspiring transformation. After the show aired, Aesthetic Dentistry took an interest in Samantha’s personal journey, as well as the advanced dental techniques and materials Dr. Willardsen utilized to rebuild the health and appearance of her teeth. The result was two articles in the Spring 2016 issue of the magazine, which reaches over 110,000 practicing dentists worldwide.

We encourage you to read the full articles in Aesthetic Dentistry to further explore Samantha’s story and learn about the amazing treatment plan Dr. Willardsen developed to restore her smile: