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Dr. Joseph Willardsen Helps Woman Run Over by Two Cars Regain Her Smile on The Doctors

On a recent episode of The Doctors, Dr. Joseph Willardsen and his brother, Dr. John Willardsen, join forces to help restore the smile of a woman who was tragically injured when she was hit by two cars. Jasmine, a mother of four, was run over, left for dead, and barely survived the accident. Luckily, she was saved by a kind stranger who called 911, the emergency medical personnel dispatched to the scene, and the many doctors and nurses who repaired her life threatening injuries. Jasmine’s physical and emotional recovery has been a long and challenging road, and, as she expresses on the show, she is still engaged in an often overwhelming struggle to regain her full strength and confidence.

In the accident, Jasmine’s head and face were severely damaged. She sustained a badly broken jaw and lost her four front teeth, which has significantly altered her facial appearance. As a surprise, The Doctors assembled a team – including Drs. Joseph and John Willardsen – and revealed their plans to provide Jasmine with the specialized medical and dental assistance she will need to make a full recovery. On the show, our dentists propose a plan to reconstruct the damaged frontal portion of Jasmine’s upper jaw and replace her missing teeth with four natural-looking, long-lasting dental implants. Jasmine’s transformation is currently in progress and will be revealed in an upcoming episode of The Doctors. We cannot wait to see the results of our dentists’ amazing work!

View this episode of The Doctors to hear Part 1 of Jasmine’s dramatic story and see our dentists propose their plans for her new smile.