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True Dentistry Restores Bonnie’s Smile and Confidence on The Doctors

Recently on The Doctors, Dr. Joseph WIllardsen was asked to help restore a woman’s damaged smile. Over the last 15 years, Bonnie has watched in anguish as her teeth deteriorated from severe decay and infection; a process which has taken a toll on both her personal and professional life. As the CEO and President of Food Share, Bonnie’s people skills and confidence are integral to her organization’s success. She is constantly meeting and interacting with the supporters and donors who keep her charity feeding over 80,000 individuals in Ventura County each month. When her preoccupation with her smile became all-consuming, Bonnie started to wonder about her ability to effectively continue her work and reached out to The Doctors for help.

In support of Bonnie’s dedication to feeding the hungry, Dr. Joe agreed to perform a complimentary smile transformation for her using the latest reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry techniques. Treatment began by removing 12 teeth from the bottom portion of Bonnie’s mouth and eliminating disease which had spread along her jawbone. She then had dental implants placed and her missing teeth were restored with a custom set of implant secured dentures. Next, Dr. Joe set to work on Bonnie’s upper teeth, which were worn, stained, crooked, and decayed. He carefully removed the decay, and prepared the teeth and gums for the addition of porcelain veneers. Once the veneers were cemented in place, she got to see her beautiful new smile for the first time.

Today, Bonnie’s confidence has made a remarkable turnaround and allowed her to continue her work with renewed excitement and energy. We encourage you to share in Bonnie’s journey by watching her episode of The Doctors here!