Food Share CEO, Bonnie, Receives Full Mouth Restoration

Fifteen years ago, Bonnie, the President and CEO of Food Share, began noticing a marked deterioration in the health and appearance of her teeth. Over the years since, her teeth became even more damaged, crooked, and discolored, which had a tremendous effect on her confidence and self-esteem. Bonnie refused to smile her “true smile” in pictures and covered her mouth when she laughed to keep her teeth concealed from view. She explains that her preoccupation with her smile became all-consuming, impacting both her personal and professional life.

The realization that her smile affected her work inspired Bonnie to reach out to The Doctors for help. She is intensely dedicated to her non-profit organization, Food Share, which helps feed 80,000 individuals in Ventura County every month. Her job as CEO requires that she meet and interact with patrons every day to continue helping the hungry. Without her confidence intact, Bonnie feared she may be short-changing her beneficiaries and herself.

Thankfully, The Doctors responded to Bonnie’s request for help and sent her to Las Vegas cosmetic dentist, Dr. Joseph Willardsen, for a full mouth restoration. Treatment began by removing 12 teeth from the lower portion of her mouth, treating widespread infection, and placing dental implants. The implants then secured custom dentures that perfectly suit Bonnie’s smile. Next, Dr. Joe set to work on transforming the upper part of Bonnie’s mouth. He carefully removed any decay, laser-contoured gum tissue, and prepared the teeth for a customized set of porcelain veneers. Finally, the veneers were bonded to her teeth to complete her new smile!

Bonnie is incredibly thrilled with the results of her smile makeover and her husband says she is so happy that sometimes she even smiles in her sleep. She is very grateful to Dr. Joe for his expert dental work, which has given her a beautiful new smile. With her newly boosted confidence, Bonnie has returned to her work and life with a new level of energy and enthusiasm.

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