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Dr. Willardsen Discusses Children’s Dentistry During TV Appearance

Our Las Vegas cosmetic dentist, Joseph Willardsen, DDS, was recently a featured guest on Hallmark’s Home & Family show answering parents’ questions about various topics related to children’s dentistry. Dr. Willardsen addressed the show hosts and panel in an enlightening discussion about oral development, hygiene, preventive dental treatments, and orthodontics. He emphasized the importance of monitoring the progress of your child’s oral development to detect any abnormalities early and prevent the formation of serious orthodontic complications. Oral development concerns can be especially prevalent among children who have allergies, primarily breathe through their mouths, suck their thumbs, or rely heavily on pacifiers and sippy cups for comfort.

The hosts and panel had many questions about dental hygiene for children of all ages. Dr. Willardsen encouraged parents to create a daily routine of brushing and flossing with their children to reinforce the importance of good dental habits early on. He weighed in on the fluoride debate, explained the benefits of sealants, discussed the role of genetics in the formation of decay, and even went on to answer questions about orthodontic hygiene.

If you have children, adolescents, or teens, we encourage you to view Dr. Willardsen’s full segment on Home & Family below:

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