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Dr. Willardsen Performs Smile Makeover on Former Bulimic on The Doctors

During a segment on the popular daytime talk show The Doctors, our cosmetic dentist Dr. Joseph Willardsen shared a dental transformation that he had performed on a recovering bulimic. Samantha, who was a model, had suffered from bulimia for 20 years, starting the destructive habit at the young age of 12. She explains in her story that she would binge on food and then go to the bathroom to purge. After awhile, it stopped being about weight and turned into an anxiety release, which is what led to her doing it regularly.

Over the years, the act had become “completely physically draining,” and Samantha had begun to experience several physical side effects, including IBS, acid reflux, hypoglycemia, dehydration, and, worst of all, oral damage. At 35 years old, she had extensive tooth decay, infected gums, and severe enamel erosion from the acid. Not wanting to endure the physical and emotional consequences anymore, Samantha turned to Dr. Willardsen for help.

After being five months into her recovery from bulimia, Samantha went in for an appointment with our dentist. During this visit, Dr. Willardsen took impressions of her teeth and performed an oral examination to determine the extent of treatment she needed. After undergoing comprehensive work to her teeth and gums, Samantha had the smile she never thought she would get back. Dr. Willardsen gave her a complete smile makeover that she says in the episode “changed [her] life.”
View The Doctors’ episode on Samantha’s journey to a new smile after bulimia, and please contact us to learn how Dr. Willardsen can help you achieve your dream smile.