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Dr. Willardsen Lectures on Biomimetic Dentistry at CDA Presents

Having undergone specialty training in biomimetic dentistry, Dr. Joseph G. Willardsen recently had the privilege of speaking at the California Dental Association (CDA) conference in San Francisco. Through this CDA Presents event, dental professionals from around the country could participate in continuing education courses hosted by world-renowned speakers.

Dr. Willardsen shared his expertise on the subject of biomimetic dentistry through his lecture, “Introduction to Advanced, Minimally Invasive (Biomimetic) Dentistry.” He discussed the innovative techniques involved, lifelike materials used, and scientific research behind this progressive field of dentistry. During his lecture, Dr. Willardsen addressed how dentists are now able to imitate the bond strength of the dental-enamel junction, which is the point where tooth enamel meets the supporting dentin. By mimicking the tooth’s natural processes, patients can often achieve better long-term oral health results. Those who attended the lecture learned how to identify opportunities for biomimetic dentistry as well as how to perform the innovative techniques in their own practices.

In addition to employing the biomimetic approach at True Dentistry, Dr. Willardsen is proud to be able to educate his peers on the advanced system of tooth restoration through conventions like CDA Presents. He hopes to provide further teachings in the future to ultimately help the public receive the most beneficial dental care possible.

For more information about Dr. Willardsen’s lectures in biomimetic dentistry, or to schedule your next dental appointment, please contact our office.