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Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Dental Implants and Missing Teeth Replacement

Dr. Joseph Willardsen replaces missing teeth with dental implants to give his patients at True Dentistry rejuvenated and youthful smiles without the hassle of dentures or bridges.

Las Vegas, NV – Though dentures and bridges have long been used for tooth replacement, dental implants can provide an innovative alternative with many distinct advantages, says Dr. Joseph Willardsen, a cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas. Dr. Willardsen has focused his career on cosmetic and restorative dentistry and, with a history of working with high-profile clients ranging from professional athletes to beauty pageant winners, he aims to help all of his patients achieve a smile that makes them feel confident and camera-ready.

“There are few cosmetic concerns that upset our patients at True Dentistry more than a missing tooth,” says Dr. Willardsen. He notes that patients who experience difficulty while chewing or speaking, are tired of the messy adhesives and extra maintenance of dentures and bridges, and desire a permanent solution to tooth loss often ask if dental implants are the best choice for them. Dr. Willardsen says dental implants offer many benefits over traditional alternatives – including results that often look and feel like natural teeth.

Patients who want to replace a missing tooth, dentures, or a dental bridge who have an adequate amount of jawbone density to accommodate an implant are often ideal candidates for the procedure. For patients who do not have adequate jawbone density, Dr. Willardsen says bone grafting may be effective in order to prepare the area for an implant. The dental implant procedure is typically performed in two stages. First, a titanium post will be surgically implanted and serve as the new tooth’s root. After the post has fused itself to the jawbone, a custom-designed ceramic crown is created and affixed to the top of the post. The crown is designed to provide the most accurate fit and the most natural appearance possible.

While the price of dental implants can cost more than bridges or dentures, Dr. Willardsen has found that the majority of his patients find the procedure worth the investment. To help prospective patients understand the value of dental implants, he breaks down how the price of of the procedure is calculated. Components that contribute to the overall cost of dental implants can include pre-operative testing or bone grafting; however, one of the biggest variables may be the cost of the dentist. “Though the price of an experienced dentist may initially most more,” says Dr. Willardsen, “a highly-qualified dentist can also have the background and expertise to minimize the risks associated with dental implants.” Not to mention, Dr. Willardsen says, maximizing the outcome and the potential for successful results. When selecting a dentist for dental implants, he recommends researching the credentials of all candidates before making a final decision. Ultimately, he notes, the skills of the dentist may play as much of a role in the final look of the patient’s smile as the chosen method of tooth replacement.

About Joseph Willardsen, DDS

A graduate from the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in California, Dr. Joseph Willardsen attended the Las Vegas Institute for special training in cosmetic, restorative, and advanced neuromuscular dentistry. In addition, Dr. Willardsen attended Arrowhead International, where he trained with The Dr. Dick Barnes Group, and graduated from Occlusion Connections. He is an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and the Nevada Dental Association. Dr. Willardsen is available for interview upon request.

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