Dr. Joe Discusses Link Between Pediatric Dental Health & Mental Health

A new medical study out of Massachusetts General Hospital indicates that baby teeth may store a history of emotional trauma and mental stress in the form of microscopic abnormalities. It is even believed that these irregularities may begin developing while the child is still in the womb. To discuss these findings, learn more about the science included in the study, and delve into future applications of this knowledge, ABC’s The Doctors invited our experienced dentist, Joseph Willardsen, DDS, to provide his expertise. We invite you to…

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Dr. Joe Discusses New Tooth Extraction Method on The Doctors

Nobody enjoys having a tooth pulled, but new developments in tooth extraction technology have revolutionized the process of tooth removal. Our experienced dentist Joseph Willardsen, DDS joined the panel on ABC’s television show The Doctors to discuss the benefits of this exciting new extraction tool and outline the ways in which it makes the process easier for the dentist performing the procedure. Dr. Joe shows a video of a tooth extraction procedure using this new tool to pull the tooth root straight out from the socket….

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