Biomimetic Dentistry

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Las Vegas Dentist Uses Biomimetic Materials To Conserve Natural Tooth Structure

Dr. Joseph Willardsen is specially trained in innovative biomimetic dentistry techniques that can replace traditional metal fillings and help prevent root canals or tooth loss. Las Vegas, NV – As people age, their teeth tend to become more susceptible to serious dental issues that require crowns, root canals, or artificial tooth replacements. Dr. Joseph Willardsen, a cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, is using innovative biomimetic materials and techniques at True Dentistry to help preserve and protect the natural structure of teeth and prevent the need for…

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How Can I Avoid Root Canals?

The thought of a root canal or crown can be intimidating for many people. To help you avoid having to undergo such procedures, we use the latest tools and techniques to more effectively rebuild a damaged tooth’s structure. Biomimetic dentistry uses flexible materials that can bend and flex with your natural tooth and better protect against future damage. The word “biomimetic” means to mimic nature, and these tooth-colored materials can create a more natural aesthetic than the bulky metallic fillings that were frequently used only 10-20…

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