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What Causes Teeth Staining?

A bright, beautiful smile can help boost an individual’s self-confidence, while cosmetic dental concerns can dampen one’s self-esteem. Even when a strong dental hygiene routine is in place, tooth stains and discoloration that sets in over time are common issues many people experience, with potential causes including: Regular consumption of dark berries, acidic fruits, sweets, and other foods with staining agents Regular consumption of coffee, wine, dark-colored soda, and tea Tobacco use Certain medications The natural aging process Patients who have stained and discolored teeth may…

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Can Dental Plaque and Tartar Be Removed at Home?

Maintaining a strong and consistent oral hygiene routine is an important step in preserving dental health. While brushing and flossing regularly can help keep the surface of teeth clean, some issues—such as the buildup of plaque and tartar—require even more attention and effort. Plaque is a sticky and fairly colorless film that develops over teeth when sugar and bacteria build up. It can develop in areas that are hard to reach with standard brushing and flossing. If it continues to accumulate, plaque can harden and turn…

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What Are the Consequences of Tooth Loss?

Suffering the loss of one or multiple teeth can be a shocking experience, especially if it means adjusting the way you have to speak, chew, or even the way you smile. Even more upsetting can be the various short-term and long-term consequences of tooth loss if the condition goes untreated. Although there are a few common reasons why some individuals do not seek treatment for their missing teeth – such as being unaware of potential health risks, fear/anxiety about going to the dentist, not sure if…

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What Are My Options for Tooth Replacement?

Losing a tooth is challenging enough. At True Dentistry, we make finding a dental treatment for your specific needs easier. There are a variety of solutions for tooth replacement, and our team can help you figure out what is best for you.  Our practice offers a wide range of options to replace missing teeth, with the most popular solution being dental implants. Dental implants can address a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Customized to provide the best possible fit and appearance, they are designed…

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What Are Laser Decontamination & Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR)?

Our experienced dentists and dental hygienists at True Dentistry are always looking for ways to effectively control harmful bacteria in the mouth that can cause tissue inflammation, infection, and other serious oral health complications. Healthy gums are foundational for a healthy smile, which is why we offer the full spectrum of periodontal care options to both prevent and treat gingivitis and periodontitis. Advancements in dental laser technology have created new options for controlling bacteria using non-invasive light energy. These techniques utilize diode lasers to eliminate bacteria…

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