How to Straighten Crooked Teeth Without Braces

The field of orthodontics has come a long way since the time when metal braces were the standard treatment to address teeth misalignment and bite irregularities. In fact, there are now a number of advanced techniques that can help you straighten crooked teeth without braces. Our dentists offer procedures that can provide you with more convenient, comfortable, and discreet solutions to your orthodontic concerns. Two of the more popular options at True Dentistry include: Invisalign® Invisalign® can correct mild to moderate teeth misalignment issues such as…

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How Many Implants Will I Need for My Implant Denture?

Implant dentures are a state-of-the-art solution for replacing a full arch of upper and/or lower teeth. Each custom denture is secured within the mouth by at least four dental implants that have been surgically inserted into the jawbone. When four dental implants are used, the treatment method is called All-On-4®—which has become a popular and widely-known name for the implant denture procedure. While the All-On-4® approach can deliver great results, our implant dentists—Scott Hamblin, DDS and Joseph G. Willardsen, DDS—sometimes prefer to place six or even…

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Would You Try Dermal Fillers to Treat Gum Recession?

Recession of gingival tissue can cause the appearance of dark, triangular spaces between the teeth at the gumline. Recently on The Doctors, one viewer submitted a question about whether injections of cosmetic dermal filler into the gum tissue can be an effective solution for closing these kinds of gaps. Thankfully, Las Vegas cosmetic dentist Joe Willardsen, DDS was available to provide his expert opinion on this type of treatment. Dr. Joe explains that gingival recession can have many causes, such as periodontal disease or simply aging…

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Dr. Joe Helps Twin with Rapidly Decaying Teeth Restore Her Smile on The Doctors

Twin sisters, Kimberly and Nicole, visited The Doctors to find out what has been causing the rapid decay of Nicole’s smile. About ten years ago, Nicole began having serious dental problems that have only gotten worse over time. Cavities, erosion, discoloration, chipped teeth, and exposed nerves have destroyed her smile, and severely affected her quality-of-life—she is in constant pain. Mysteriously, her twin Kimberly hasn’t had any similar dental issues. Nicole has been to many different dentists to try and figure out the root cause of her…

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Dr. Joe Offers New Smile for Young Bacterial Meningitis Survivor

On an episode of The Doctors, Las Vegas cosmetic dentist Joseph Willardsen, DDS was inspired by a story of a young boy named Memphis who contracted a nearly fatal case of bacterial meningitis as an infant. Miraculously, Memphis was able to survive his illness, but his struggle required the amputation of all four of his limbs. With the help of his devoted father, Memphis has developed into a vibrant, active, and independent young man who enjoys getting around on his Hoverboard®. While he and his father…

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