Dr. Joseph Willardsen’s Smile Makeover Patient Featured in Aesthetic Dentistry

The Spring 2016 issue of Aesthetic Dentistry contains two articles featuring one of Dr. Joseph Willardsen’s smile makeover patients from The Doctors in 2015. The cover story, A Modern-Day Princess, and the in-depth feature, Made for TV: A Recovering Bulimic Gets a New Smile, both center around the dramatic smile transformation of True Dentistry patient Samantha Diane. A professional model and recovering bulimic, Ms. Diane shared her life challenges and dental struggles with True Dentistry in hopes of being selected for a complimentary smile makeover. Years…

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Joseph Willardsen, DDS, a dentist in Las Vegas, discusses tooth sensitivity in the NNOHA newsletter.

Las Vegas Dentist Explores New Solution for Tooth Sensitivity in NNOHA Newsletter

Dr. Joseph Willardsen discusses the efficacy of an emerging new product, TEETHMATE™ DESENSITIZER, for the treatment of tooth sensitivity. Las Vegas, NV – Tooth sensitivity is one of the leading causes of dental discomfort and poses a significant concern for both dentists and patients. In the Fall 2015 issue of the National Network for Oral Health Access (NNOHA) quarterly newsletter, Las Vegas dentist Joseph Willardsen, DDS addresses the problem of tooth sensitivity, discusses shortcomings of tooth desensitizers and varnishes, and presents evidence in favor of an…

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Dr. Willardsen Discusses New Solution for Tooth Sensitivity in NNOHA Newsletter

Our own Dr. Joseph G. Willardsen was recently published in the Fall 2015 Issue of the National Network for Oral Health Access (NNOHA) quarterly newsletter. Dr. Willardsen’s article illustrates the difficulties that tooth sensitivity can present during the course of dental treatment, the historical lack of effective solutions available for treating such sensitivity, and the emergence of a promising new desensitizing product. In an effort to provide his patients with a more comfortable dental experience, 18 months prior to writing the article Dr. Willardsen began using…

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Las Vegas Dentist Shares Life-Changing Dental Solutions on The Doctors

Cosmetic dentist Joseph Willardsen, DDS has been featured on the Emmy-winning daytime talk show The Doctors, where he presents a former bulimic’s smile makeover and reveals the potential of injections for teeth grinding. Las Vegas, NV – With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Joseph Willardsen, a cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, has become known for his proficiency in creating beautiful, healthy teeth. In addition to providing advanced dental care at True Dentistry, he has been featured in the media on several occasions to share his…

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Dr. Willardsen Discusses Injections for Bruxism on The Doctors

Hope or hype: Can injections help cure bruxism? In a recent episode of the popular daytime talk show The Doctors, our cosmetic dentist Dr. Joseph Willardsen reveals there is hope in this claim. When a person routinely grinds their teeth, facial muscles are often sore, and their teeth gradually wear down, requiring expensive treatments in the future to correct. While mouthguards can help protect the teeth, a lot of people don’t consistently wear them, which can be frustrating for both the patient and dentist. As an…

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Repairing Tooth Damage Caused by Bulimia

Bulimia is an extremely damaging eating disorder that can take its toll on the entire body. One of the most noticeable places this damage can be seen is the teeth. Our team at True Dentistry has provided hope for those recovering from this emotional disease. Although a number of dental problems can occur, there is typically one or more ways to improve, if not eradicate, the severe damage caused by frequent binging and purging. Patients who suffer from bulimia often show signs of the following: Swollen…

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Dr. Willardsen Performs Smile Makeover on Former Bulimic on The Doctors

During a segment on the popular daytime talk show The Doctors, our cosmetic dentist Dr. Joseph Willardsen shared a dental transformation that he had performed on a recovering bulimic. Samantha, who was a model, had suffered from bulimia for 20 years, starting the destructive habit at the young age of 12. She explains in her story that she would binge on food and then go to the bathroom to purge. After awhile, it stopped being about weight and turned into an anxiety release, which is what…

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